hairstyles by Kim Lake

Kim Lake Hair Extension Pictures

Ombre ends Hair Extensions

Soft Highlighted Hair Extensions.

Las Vegas Hair Extensions

Rock Star Adam Bomb from TKO

Seattle hair extention

Custom Blended Hair Extensions

Correcting a bad haircut with Hair extensions

Correction a bad haircut with hair extensions.

red color matching Hair Extensions

Custom Blended for the perfect red. Creating Fringe with Hair Extensions.

adding volume with hair extensions on very fine hair

Creating volume for very fine hair.

Hair Extensions on short

Before and After

Los Angeles Hair Extensions

A couple inches longer on thick hair.

Damage from other Hair Extensions

Before: Damage cause by previous extensions, not Kim Lake's. After: Thickening with Kim Lake Exclusive Blend.

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The consultation appointment is complimentary. This is where we analyze your hair and talk about design and pricing options before we set an appointment for hair extensions. A security deposit is required to secure your appointment day. If you live far away we can do the consultation on the phone and through email with pictures of your hair.

Custom Blending of Hair Extensions Exclusive of Kim LAke

Custom Blending for perfect color match every time. Exclusive of Kim Lake

Hard Angle Bob Hair Extensions

Hard angle bob hair extensions on short hair.

20 inch Blend with 2 colors to create natural looking color.

20" inch Blend with 2 colors to create natural looking color. Styled straight shows the flawless transition without the need to curl.

Blend Combination Exclusive of Kim Lake

Transitional Blends for realistic looking highlights. Exclusive of Kim Lake.

Super Micro Hair Extensions on short hair

Super Micro Hair Extensions to fill the top and cover the short hair with a custom blended red.

Neat application of hair extensions that will not itch

Neat Hair Extension application, even tension, flat to head, off base, will not itch or break and last longer. Easier to sleep with.

Curled Hair Extensions

Curled hair Extensions

Sam's Hair extensions

Layered Hair Extensions

Flashpoint Hair Extensions

Flashpoint 909 Hair Extensions Color #1B, 20 in.