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Quality and perfection. We do hair extensions done right. Please view the before and after photos.

Kim is a hair extensions specialist and has been doing hair for 34 years. WE only provide the best possible hair extensions that you can find. We are certified Great Lengths Hair Extensions and Hair Dreams Hair Extensions. In addition, Kim's raw natural talent and innovative advanced techniques in hair extensions can address many of the issues presented with other brands of hair extensions, like matching, shedding, tangling, and uncomfortable bonds.

Every set of hair extensions is customized for perfect color and texture matching. We are able to create hair extensions for difficult to match colored hair, extremely fine hair, and different and unique textures. We create very fine micro bonds for areas that are hard to cover. Great hair along with perfect installation that is done with even tension so that the bonds will not poke or itch. Call for a complimentary consultation. We will show you our hair quality, an example of how perfect the bonds are, and plan a good design for your hair extensions that you will be sure to be happy with.

Kim's background in hair is extensive. She has been an instructor at beauty school, worked for well known Beverly Hills Salons, Giuseppe Franco Salon, and Salon Cristophe. She was an educator for Lanza International and color educator and show stylist for L'Oreal Proffessionel. She has also trained in Palermo, Sicily, in Italy in hair extensions manufacturing company Giambertone. Kim is certified in the top hair extension lines, Great Length Hair Extensions and Hair Dreams. Read more about Kim.

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Hair Extensions photo of Kam

Hair Extensions by Kim Lake

Bikini Fitness Model with Russian Virgin hair extensions is our softest, most natural looking hair, ideal for very fine hair.

More Hair Extension Photos

Custom Blended hair extensions set in Federal Way

Custom Blends for a perfect match every time.

Custom Color Blend Hair Extension set. 2 to 4 colors in each blend represent the natural hues that you see in natural hair color. Combine different blends for perfectly blended highlights.

Curly rocker hair extensions.

Hair Extensions by Kim Lake

Rock star hair. Adam with naturally curly hair extensions. Don't hit the stage without the hair.

Before and after hair extension pictures

Hair Extension Photos

Browse through the before and after pictures. There are hair extensions for short hair, bobs, long hair, and many unique custom color and Ombre color blends.

Hair Extension Photos

Los Angeles Custom Blends Hair Extensions by Kim Lake

Custom Color Blend Hair Extension set. Multiple blonde color blend plus deep rooted ombre gradient for soft natural looking color that look like it is her own highlights. For the most realistic hair extension color match possible. Exclusively Kim Lake Hair Extension Designs.

Naturally air dried custom Russian virgin hair extensions.

Naturally wavy Russian Virgin hair and virgin color hair extension custom blend. This is air dried naturally with zero styling.

Kim's Hair Extension Method

Fusion is the most durable type of hair extensions. Both "Hair Dreams" and "Great Lengths" brand hair extensions use fusion. Cold fusion or hot fusion is when a keratin thermoplastic polymer bond is used to attach the hair. This method sometimes receives bad reputation as other company brands want to make good selling points by using bad examples by hair extensions that have been done sloppily by people who are not certified and trained properly to do fusion with the correct product or tension. There is a lot of budget brand extensions out there that anyone can use with out training.

What makes Kim's method so special is the perfection in the application. The bonds are smaller and less detectable. They itch less because they hang with even tension which also creates less damage. Also, the removal process in PAINLESS, meaning we don't rip out your tangles. WE take the time to completely allow the bond to dissolve and careful untangle each hair. I have pictures to prove it. There is a very bad wives tale that says "Once you get extensions then you will need to keep getting them, because they ruin your hair". This is not true with Kim's method. We can actually get your hair to grow out better than it was if possible.

Before pictures of hair extensions

Before Pictures Only

Nancy. First time she came in, her hair was broken from bleach highlights, but I switched to high lift tint. She has extensions the whole time and her hair has been getting healthier.

Nancy's hair extensions

Nancy. Continued hair extensions even though her hair is longer, we like it thicker and her length helps it blend so much nicer.

Hair extensionsfor very thin hair.

Nancy has a blend of Virgin cuticle double drawn hair extensions. Less tangles lead to less damage. This is why good hair is important when getting hair extensions.

Photo by Jake Garn Hair extensions by Kim Lake

Editorial. Photo by Jake Garn. Kim Lake Hair Extensions.

Custom Blended Red Hair Extensions

About The Hair

Our hair extensions are made with top quality hair. The bonding is small and virtually undetectable. They feel comfortable because of our special method that allows them to fall with even tension, and they do not shed like other hair extensions. We use a variety of different hair types in order to customize the hair extensions to perfectly match each individual's needs.

About the Hair

Kim Lake Hair Salon

About the Salon

At Kim Lake Hair, you can relax in one of our private studios. Enjoy HI DEF TV and WIFI. We have a the best parking right at the front door. We are located in downtown Federal Way, close to the freeway, centrally located between Seattle and Tacoma, just south of Kent, Des Moines, and Redondo, Washington, west of Auburn, and northwest of Puyallup. We are 15 minutes south of Seatac airport, where you can take an Uber or a taxi when flying in.

Salon Directions

Call for your consultation appointment.
(206) 992-9907

The consultation appointment is complimentary. This is where we analyze your hair and talk about design and pricing options before we set an appointment for hair extensions. A security deposit is required to secure your appointment day. If you live far away we can do the consultation on the phone and through email with pictures of your hair.

Hair Extensions Kim Lake Custom

Custom Virgin Cuticle Hair Extensions

Custom Blond, Double drawn, Virgin cuticle.

More Hair Extension Photos

Hair Extension Model for Kim Lake Hair

Russian Virgin Hair Extensions.

Natural human hair with virgin cuticle, double drawn, highest quality hair available on the market. Easy to comb through and style. Cuticles are in tact and not stripped, for natural softness and shine.

Hair extensions for short hair.

Ombre color hair extensions.

Custom color ombre hair extensions done on short, damaged hair.

Invisible Hair Extensions

Invisible Hair Extensions

Special ombre rooted color. This makes the bonds not show. Sometimes the bonds will show when the hair extensions grow out against a dark grow out. A rooted color will solve this issue.

Kim Lake Hair

Custom Blends Hair Extensions

For perfect color and texture matching, we customize each set of extensions with endless creative options. Each bond can contain between 2 to 4 colors with any ombre options. For texture, we have available many hair types; Delicate Russian Virgin hair, naturally wavy, Indian, heavier Asian hair, Eastern European.

Custom Blends Hair Extensions

CBS Seattle top 10 list

Kim is on the Top 10 List for
"Best Salons For Hair Extensions In Seattle"
at CBS

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