hairstyles by Kim Lake

Kim Lake Hair Extension Pictures

Ombre Rooted Hair Extensions
Dark hair hilights hair extensions.

hi lights on dark hair

20", Base color 5 with warm and blond highlighted extensions.

hark hair with hilights hair extensions set custom blends by Kim Lake.

Close up of hi-lighted custom blend.

Ombre Rooted Hair Extensions

Soft Ombre Rooted Colored Extensions deepens as her real hair does and makes the bond invisible.

Las Vegas Anna_Fluer Hair extensions

Anna-Fluer with straightened hair extensions in Las Vegas with Doggie.

Hair Extensions to correct broke ends from overbleached hair

Natural 100% human hair extensions. Double drown, Color 1B, 18", 5 bundles.

Layered Hair Extensions

Layered Hair Extensions

Thickening Long Hair With Hair Extensions

Make long hair even better with hair extensions.

Hair Extensions on short

Short thick hair is the hardest to put Hair Extensions in.

Hair Extensions on short

Hair Extensions on short thick hair.

Los Angeles Hair Extensions

Los Angeles California Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions Pictures

Hair extensions for short thinning hair.

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The consultation appointment is complimentary. This is where we analyze your hair and talk about design and pricing options before we set an appointment for hair extensions. A security deposit is required to secure your appointment day. If you live far away we can do the consultation on the phone and through email with pictures of your hair.

Purple, orange, and red hair color

Wedding Hair

Seattle Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions

Ombre hair extensions

Ombre Hair Extensions

Best In Show

"Best In Show" with this hairstyle. #hairextensions

Bob Hair extensions

Bob Hair Extensions

Hair is added to sides only. Back is cut to blend.

3 rows to thicken

This is straightened curly hair. Hair Extensions for Thickening

Exclusive of Kim Lake

Exclusive of Kim Lake. 4 level transitional Blends with lighter ends.

Custom Blends Hair Extensions Exclusive of Kim Lake and LAke Enterprises LLC

Natural looking soft highlights with hair extensions

Custom Blends Hair Extensions Exclusive of Kim Lake and LAke Enterprises LLC

Creating natural hair color transitional hues that mimic natural hair.